COMPLETE INFORMATION ABOUT COMPANIES AND THE COMMERCIAL REGISTER. You receive daily information about million of companies and thousands of new entries - changes and new registrations in the Commercial Register. Up to date information about all companies, state institutions, foreign participation companies – current status, partners and shareholders, managers, number of employees, amount of capital, addresses, field of activity, VAT registration, debts to the National Revenue Agency. The system integrates data from the Commercial Register, BULSTAT, State Gazette, National Insurance Institute, National Revenue Agency and numerous other sources, offering fast and dynamic consultation about connected persons, participation in companies and indirect relations. You have the option of GEOSPACE view and MAP filtering of business information to pinpoint the requested information instantaneously. You can find the necessary information through freely selected search criteria – name, managers, stakeholders, part of name, UCN, UIC, field of activity, address, foreign participation, number of employees, registration date, VAT registration, type of entity, and many other features of companies, administrative institutions or self-insuring persons.
A new feature are the specialized categories with easy daily notification for events with thousands of your current or potential customers or target industries and companies that represent interest for you:

  - Publication of annual financial statements;
  - Individuals or other persons and entities subject to restrictive measures for combating terrorism – in Bulgarian English and Arab language;
  - Companies with changed address;
  - Companies with pledged shares;
  - Companies with pledged enterprise;
  - Companies with shares under distraint;
  - Companies under liquidation:

    • Undergoing liquidation procedure;
    • Continued trade activity after liquidation procedure;
    • Suspended or terminated liquidation procedure;
  - Companies in bankruptcy proceedings:
    • Initiated bankruptcy procedure;
    • Determined date of insolvency or over debt;
    • Restrictions of the rights of the debtor to dispose of property;
    • General distraint or interdiction;
    • Determination for turning property into cash and its distribution;
    • Declaration of bankruptcy;
    • Suspended bankruptcy procedure;
    • Terminated bankruptcy procedure;
Specialized bankruptcy and liquidation calendar.