Full texts of more than 360 000 documents in Bulgarian and English languages. The richest database of the EU Law - treaties, agreements, regulations, directives, decisions and other acts of all EU institutions, including ECJ judgments with hyperlinks among them. EUROVOC legal terms classification. Consolidated versions (documents with amendments inserted therein) of EU Law instruments both in Bulgarian and English. Hyperlinks among articles in different documents. Hyperlinks between the European acts and Bulgarian acts that transpose, implement, refer to or rely on them. Vocabulary of the legal terms in all official EU languages and legal descriptions of the institutional structure and legislative process of the EU. Simultaneous search of legal terms in Bulgarian and English languages. Detailed bibliographic notices about the EU Law documents. Links between the EU Law documents and the procedures for their application by the Bulgarian companies, citizens, public authorities.

The entire legal system of Bulgaria including both acts in force and repealed acts: codes, legislative statutes, rules, ordinances, orders, instructions, draft legislation. Lakorda provides a unique classification in accordance with different spheres of law. Links to and from the EU Law with regard to its implementation in Bulgaria, updated with every issue of the Bulgarian State Gazette. "Amendment view” of laws, regulations and other acts – you need a single glance to see the amendments introduced with the corresponding issues of the State Gazette. Precise positioning on the lowest possible level within an act – paragraph, point, letter, indent. Electronic State Gazette in PDF format reproducing entirely the original hardcopy – positioning of texts, graphics, fonts, styles – combined with search and print options.

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Descriptions of the European Law rules which are directly applicable to the Bulgarian companies and citizens in fields as registration of European trade mark and design; operations involving financial instruments; regulation of investment firms; founding and legal regulation of the European company; company termination, liquidation and bankruptcy, merger of companies within the Community; EU competition rules; transactions reports; excise duty and VAT according to the Intra-Community regime; company concentration control; European funds – monitoring and evaluation of efficiency and effectiveness; OLAF investigations; trans-border transactions in euro and many others.

The administrative steps and the necessary forms (with fill-in, save and print-out options) in interactions between companies, individuals and official institutions in fields as public procurement, company registration, trademarks and patents, revenue administration, social insurance, spatial planning and construction, etc. New official forms are being uploaded with every State Gazette issue. Contracts and model forms with a full scale edit option within the product. Thousands of fill-in forms in PDF format.

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Case law and doctrines established by globally recognized institutions such as the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, International Human Rights Committee, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and other authorities with international influence. Treatises, analyses and commentaries by experts professionally involved in the work of the respective institutions. Significant decisions of influential national courts having a worldwide impact and establishing global precedents.

A large database of court decisions, rulings, judgments, and interpretations of cases and rules issued by the Supreme Court of Cassation, Supreme Administrative Court, Competition Protection Commission, courts of appeal, regional and district courts, with a precise access to articles, paragraphs, points and letters within them, for each separate case. The case law can be filtered in accordance with a specific provision (article, section, paragraph, point, letter) with a single mouse click; case law on related legal provisions can be filtered as well. Automatic notification about new case law on specifically selected issues.

The most important Bulgarian legislative statutes, translated in English. The Module is integrated with the Bulgarian legislation and EU Law. A significant number of English language versions of the most important international instruments, Republic of Bulgaria is party to.

Interpretation of tax and social insurance cases. International financial reports standards. National accounting standards. Audit. Interest rate and other frequently used calculators with automatic calculation. Direct and indirect taxes, tax process. Accounting reports. Social insurance and employment relationships. A rich database of forms in the fields of accounting and taxation process, including fill-in declarations. Financial analyses and commentaries, annual financial statements. Reference information. Currency rates and converter. Libor, Euribor and basic interest rate fixed by the Bulgarian National Bank.

COMPLETE INFORMATION ABOUT COMPANIES AND THE TRADE REGISTER. You receive daily information about million of companies and thousands of new entries - changes and new registrations in the Trade Register. Up to date information about all companies, state institutions, foreign participation companies – current status, partners and shareholders, managers, number of employees, amount of capital, addresses, field of activity, VAT registration, debts to the National Revenue Agency. The system integrates data from the Trade Register, BULSTAT, State Gazette, National Insurance Institute, National Revenue Agency and numerous other sources, offering fast and dynamic consultation about connected persons, participation in companies and indirect relations. You have the option of GEOSPACE view and MAP filtering of business information to pinpoint the requested information instantaneously. You can find the necessary information through freely selected search criteria – name, managers, stakeholders, part of name, UCN, UIC, field of activity, address, foreign participation, number of employees, registration date, VAT registration, type of entity, and many other company features.

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The entire information about companies and the state sector in English with a possibility for searching and categorizing of data. English language translation of categories for search and filtering, company names, field of activity, contact information, socially insured persons, tax registration, address, capital and other features.

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You need one mouse click to generate your own marketing database for freely selected number of companies, with no need of copy/paste for every separate company. The quality and quantity selection criteria for export include number of employees, VAT registration, amount of capital, economic sector, type of entity, graphic geospace visualization of information, dates of registration/changes in registration, and many others. You can export in Excel format any detailed information about companies, administrative structures and self-insuring persons for entire economic sectors and automatically supplement your database. The information is presented in columns – name, uniform identification code, contact information, managers, partners and shareholders, number of employees, capital and the rest of the information about the exported companies. The system monitors automatically selected entries – e.g. liquidation, bankruptcy, and notices in the State Gazette. Program level integration with your corporate information environment and access to automatic search, monitoring and dynamic receipt of XML format data about companies, shares, partnerships, connected persons and registered documents. Daily automatic notification about changes in registered data of thousands of companies and the persons related to them (e.g. inspection of the bank credit portfolio clients with no intervention by the user). The ability of the system to search names of individuals/entities and their unique UCN/UIC defined in advance by you saves your time in cases of repeated execution of one and the same search commands related to employees, suppliers, clients and competitors. Automatic update of data from previously defined marketing categories and filters.

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The most novel LAKORDA product, with no analogue on the market, offers you direct access to millions of scanned documents submitted by companies enlisted in the new Trade Register. One mouse click is enough for the user to gain access to the copies of the entire original documentation concerning a company: articles of association and by-rules, annual financial statements( more than 420 000), registration applications, declarations, founding and other meeting minutes, letters of authorization, etc. Allows an in-dept investigation of companies, related persons, dependences, and other “hidden below the surface” data. 

Lakorda AD offers Windows version of its products, portable USB version, and a complete Internet/Intranet WEB version for a particular network or with individual passwords for access. Lakorda AD secures the easiest access to more than 20 000 000 documents with legal and business information, it provides highly functional and fast working products. 
DAILY UPDATE - automatic daily update of the data.  The database is updated daily with regard to new and changed entries in the new Trade Register, our clients receive daily the data from the Official Journal of the European Union and data from the Bulgarian State Gazette on the day of its publication.
Windows version - for your portable and office computers and for your corporate network - with automatic Internet daily update, without interruption of your work.
Portable USB Version – You receive USB device containing all LAKORDA products to accompany you everywhere – always up-to-date, never needing installation. You can use the information on any computer regardless whether you have Internet access. You can lend the USB carrier to your employees or colleagues for temporary use.

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offering centralized unlimited access for your corporate network or access by individual accounts. WEB LAKORDA is fast, reliable and smoothly running web application with dynamic loading of information and interactivity powered by AJAX technology. The new WEB 2.0 standards are supported by the most widely-used browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome. WEB LAKORDA is used at every single moment by thousands of users – your sessions never “expire” and you do not need additional Windows software to fill out and edit forms.