1. Easy to work with integrated system containing more than 20 000 000 documents of legal, expert and business information.
  2. LAKORDA INTELLECT – interactive legislative statutes and administrative regulations, case law, annotations and business information.
  3. CASE LAW - over 1 150 000 judgments, decisions and interpretations by the Supreme Court of Cassation, Supreme Administrative Court, Protection of Competition Commission, appellate, administrative, regional and district courts. Filtering through subsections, and smaller subdivisions of provisions and through related provisions. International case law.
  4. BUSINESS CHART with financial diagrams of companies for the last four years, accompanied by a forecast on their stability for the next two years. Graphic information for incomes, profits, liquidity, efficiency and profitability for companies and a prognosis whether the respective companies are in zone of stability, risk zone, or a zone of increased risk..
  5. Electronic State Gazette reproducing entirely the original hardcopy – positioning of texts, graphics, fonts, styles, pages.
  6. SPECIALIZED BUSINESS SERVICES for automatic notification through e-mail with EXCEL file for entries in the Commercial Register such as: initiation of bankruptcy proceedings, change of address or representatives, deletions, liquidation proceedings, attachments, pledges and other daily information for thousands of companies.
  7. Daily, fast and reliable update of thousands of documents - entries in the Commercial Register, OJ, SG, case law, annotations and forms.
  8. Consolidated versions of the EU legislation (EU documents with all the amendments included) in Bulgarian and English languages. European procedures.
  9. CAPITAL - Interpretations of tax and social insurance cases, treatises, financial analyses and commentaries, annual financial reports, the newest declarations, calculations, interest, statistics, tax calendars.
  10. BULGARIAN LAW with “Amendment view” of the legislative statutes and administrative regulations - you need a single glance to see the amendments introduced with the corresponding issues of the State Gazette.
  11. Hyperlinks to the   lowest possible level within an act – paragraph, sub-section, letter, indent – for the Bulgarian Law documents and to the level of Article for the EU Law documents. Direct filtering of relevant case law with a single click on article, paragraph, sub-section,  point, letter; and through related provisions.
  12. Direct hyperlinks to and from EU Law, with view of its implementation by the Bulgarian Law and in cases where the Bulgarian texts refer to EU directives and regulations.
  13. Dictionary of legal terms in all EU languages and legal descriptions of the EU Law. You can search legal terms with automatic translation into Bulgarian and English languages.
  14. BUSINESS SCAN with all the information related to company registration, other entries and the SCANNED OFFICIAL COMPANY DOCUMENTS, including direct access to the scanned images of documents, included in the company files by the regional courts prior to companies’ registration in the Commercial Register..
  15. BUSINESS REGISTER with graphic GEOSPACE visualization and MAP filtering of business information by regions and municipalities..
  16. MARKET LEADER - You can generate your own marketing database and export detailed information about thousands of companies. Option to search and export in table business information through combination of more and different search criteria as name, managers, stakeholders, part of name, UCN, UIC, field of activity, address, number of employees, registration date, VAT registration, type of entity, and many other features.
  17. BUSINESS REGISTER IN ENGLISH - information on companies in English language and categories as per economic activities in Bulgarian and English languages.
  18. WEB calculators and forms for work with Internet browser with no need to install special software and disturb your security protocols.
  19. Procedures and completely functional filling-out of PDF forms in WEB and Windows. Storage, editing and follow-up use and distribution of such PDF forms, including outside your office.
  20. Contextual visualization of search result summary without opening of each document in the search result list.
  21. Intelligent relevant information search with hinting categorization for instantaneous access to the information you need. The documents with content closest to the search request are always listed on the top of the search result.
  22. Simultaneous search and categorization technology. You need 2-3 mouse clicks to find and filter the information you need with the assistance of detailed categories, related with the information you are searching for.
  23. The experience of our clients in comparison with other products has proven that you save approximately 30 minutes of business time daily per employee. Large companies and organization save years of working time.
  24. LAKORDA AD is always ready to take notice of the clients’ comments and proposals.  Use the button “Tell Lakorda” to establish direct contact with us. 

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