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LAKORDA AD is the leading company for legal, expert and business software with the richest content of more than 20 000 000 documents of legislative, regulatory, case law and company information.

LAKORDA is the only one to provide you with LAKORDA INTELLECT - interactive environment  for dynamic visualization of legislative statutes and administrative regulations, case law, annotations, business dependencies and all the relevant graphic information.

BUSINESS CHART allows you to find detailed financial diagrams of companies for the last 4 years and forecast on their stability for the next two years.

THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION has a License Agreement with us, under which the English and Bulgarian language versions of the EU Law are being offered by LAKORDA AD on the Bulgarian market in electronic form.

THE GOVERNMENT of the Republic of Bulgaria has procured the supply of legal information products to LAKORDA AD under a duly signed contract. The products of LAKORDA AD are used by government departments and agencies, including the


National Revenue Agency, by Prosecutors’ offices and courts, including the Bulgarian Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights. Over 80% of the financial institutions in Bulgaria use LAKORDA on daily basis. 

MORE THAN 25 000 USERS government officials and other public employees working for the state and local administration, and courts of law; employees of private, Bulgarian and foreign, companies such as banks, insurance companies, holding companies and legal firms; consultants and leading legal, accounting, marketing, financial and business professionals use the products of LAKORDA AD.

DAILY RELIABLE UPDATE - LAKORDA is the first to provide the official scanned documents and the new and amended entries in the Commercial Register. Our clients receive daily the data from the Official Journal of the European Union and the data from the Bulgarian State Gazette on the day of its publication. Our legal databases cover EU Law, Bulgarian Law, case law of Bulgarian courts and globally recognized jurisdictions, legal and administrative procedures, including procedures effective on EU territory and directly applicable for Bulgarian companies and citizens, forms, expert information in the fields of accountancy and taxation – administrative practice, tax procedure and auditing. Information on commercial companies and persons registered in Bulgaria, as well as specialized products of added value.

LAKORDA AD is the first company to offer on the Bulgarian information market intelligent context search allowing faster orientation among millions of documents and access to the exact information wanted by you.
LAKORDA provides you with relevant search and hinting filtering of the results by categories to make your orientation even easier.   LAKORDA’s search engine outstands those of   Google and  Microsoft (also offering relevancy)  not only with the richness of the information provided to you  but also with leading technology for fast categorization and access to documents within the context selected by you.

LAKORDA is the only one to monitor automatically for you bankruptcy procedures, changes of addresses or agents, deletions from registers, liquidation procedures, publication of financial statements and many other criteria pertaining to your clients, suppliers and competitors.


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